"Keep the tweets you want,
delete the ones you don't."


ByeByeTweets app is designed to give you more control over your Twitter data. Use it to curate your timeline and let your followers get to know the current you. 

You can automatically bulk delete up to 3200 of your most recent tweets for free. There is no limit on the number old tweets you can delete with the Pro version. 

The app is community-supported. The Pro version helps to pay for the cloud server where the app is hosted and help to keep the Free version free. 

Depending on your chosen tier (Free or Pro), you can:
  • Automatically delete your old tweets in bulk or
  • Selectively keep your best tweets based on the:
    • Types of tweets (Orig., RT, Rpl. & Quote),
    • Date,
    • Keywords,
    • Number of Likes 
    • Number of RTs
  • Automatically unfollow accounts 
  • Automatically undo your recent ‘Likes’ 
  • Save/Archive text of deleted tweets as an Excel file

Whether you are staying on Twitter or planning a #TwitterMigration, I hope you find the ByeByeTweets app helpful.  – @phmai